We're here to help...

Although providing excellent quality transport is our primary concern, we realise that from time to time our clients may require that little bit more, and that is why at a small cost, Image Chauffeurs will tailor our services towards the exact service you require.

We work with many associate - and more importantly, accreditted and leading service providers - to provide the following options:

Secure Document delivery and Courier Services:  From being fully Crimal Bureau Reference checked, Image Chauffeur Services are able to provide Secure Document delivery, luggage vehicles and Courier services upon request.  Nothing better than knowing your valubles are safe and sound, and treated with respect.

Security Personnel Services: Image Chauffeur Services is able to provide Security Personnel Services upon request. From a single security guard to a full-team of guards, we can provide personnel for all types of secure events.  

Driver Only Services: We are regularly asked to supply Chauffers to drive a client's own personal vehicle/s for a variety of reasons. These include circumstances where a client may be disabled due to inury, absence of driving license or even special events where the client wishes to take a more complete part in an evening's event without the worry of having to drive afterwards.

Concierge Services: Image Chauffeur Services is able to provide Concierge Services upon request. Planned in advance, or even a last minute request, providing it is viable and available to us, Image Chauffeur Services will endeavour to fulfil your needs.

Promotional Services: It may be that you are using Image Chauffeur Services to provide transport for your clients at a road show, or private event, if so, why not take the opportunity to advertise on the vehicle itself.

Discreet Service:  It is normal for an Image Chauffeur to be immaculately presented in a full matching suit with a plain shirt and matching tie, however there are occasions where our clients wish to experience the luxury of the vehicle and chauffeured travel whilst maintaining a low profile.

At no extra cost, our driver's will dress to fit the occasion, upon request.


If any of the above meet your requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.