How we like to conduct business...

Account Charges: All account charges incurred shall be invoiced to the respective client on the last working day of each month. One copy shall be provided by email and if requested, one copy by 1st-class post.
Payment terms shall be 7 days from the date of invoice, unless otherwise agreed.
Additional Charges: Whilst representing a client, any damage to, or soiling of any sort, in our vehicles - by the clientele - will incur a charge for the cost of cleaning / repairing the vehicle. This charge will be invoiced directly to the client, and at their discretion may be passed on to the person(s) responsible.
Chauffeur's gratuity is discretionary, and whilst it is always appreciated, it is never expected.
All parking and entrance fees are chargeable at cost.
Bookings: To secure the booking a 25% deposit must be made when placing the booking. Late bookings are accepted and we give special rates for extended hires.
Cancellation Charges: Cancellations made up to 48 hours before the booking date are fully refundable.
For cancellations made from 48 hours up to 24 hours before the booking date the deposit is non-refundable.
For cancellations made later than 24 hours before the booking date the deposit is non-refundable and the remaining balance will be charged at the full 'agreed' rate.
Clientele: Upon request Image's drivers will require the names of any clientele they are driving.
Clientele will not be permitted to smoke or eat within the vehicle.
Confidentiality: All Image drivers are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement, and if necessary will only disclose any relevant information to a court of law, or an officer of the law. (Unless additional terms of confidentiality are requested).
Drivers: The driver shall, at all time, display an identification card supplied by Image, and produce it to any client upon request.
The driver shall not permit any other person to drive the vehicle, except with the consent of the vehicle proprietor.
The driver shall at all times, when representing clientele, be clean and respectable in his dress or person, shall behave in an orderly manner and conduct themselves with civility and propriety towards every persons being conveyed, and shall comply with every reasonable requirement of every person being conveyed in the vehicle.
The driver shall not smoke or eat in the vehicle.
The driver when driving to any particular destination shall, subject to any directions given by the clientele, proceed to that destination by the fastest practicable route as determined by the vehicle's satellite navigation system.
The driver shall not, except with the express consent of the clientele convey any other person in the vehicle.
The driver shall afford all reasonable assistance with the passengers, whilst conveyed in, entering or alighting the vehicle.
The driver shall immediately after the termination of each journey, or as soon as is practicable thereafter, carefully search the vehicle for any property which may have accidentally be left therein.
The driver of the vehicle shall if any property is accidentally left therein by any person who may have been conveyed in the vehicle, and be found by, or handed to him, carry it as soon as possible and in any event within 24 hours, if not sooner claimed by or on behalf of its owners, to a Police Station in order to receive instructions from them regarding its custody.
The driver shall not permit to carry a greater number of passengers than the number prescribed in the vehicle/contract and shall only allow one passenger to be carried in the front of the vehicle beside the driver.
The driver shall at all times carry a copy of these conditions in the vehicle for inspection by the client and/or other passengers.
The driver shall at no time cause or permit the noise emitted by any radio equipment installed in the vehicle to be a source of nuisance or annoyance to any person whether inside or outside the vehicle.
Image shall retain a copy of the driving licence for all drivers driving their vehicle and produce the same to the client upon request.
The driver shall not while driving or in charge of the vehicle;
(i) tout or solicit on a road or other public place any person to hire or be carried for hire in any vehicle, or;
(ii) offer that vehicle for immediate hire while the driver of that vehicle is on a road or other public place, or;
(iii) accept an offer for the immediate hire of that vehicle while the driver of that vehicle is on a road or other public place.
Disorderly Behaviour: Image drivers reserve the right to refuse travel to anyone that it deems to be a nuisance or danger to other passengers or employees.
Insurance: Image has a public liability insurance policy, which covers all the services it offers. In addition, all of Image's vehicles are comprehensively insured.
Our Responsibilities: We shall supply all the inclusions of the hire as specified in the confirmation of the contract.
We accept responsibility for all acts/omissions of our employees.
Service and Service Hours: Service hours are 24 hour a day, 7 days a week for 52 weeks of the year.
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day will include a 100% surcharge. All other Bank holidays & Public holidays will include a 50% surcharge. For all surcharges 3 days prior notice will apply.
For contract accounts: A service period will start when the vehicle arrives at the first collection address and finishes on the verbal command, by the client. 
For each respective service period, Image's driver will record a log of all journeys undertaken. This log shall be maintained and recorded for reference only.
Along with the monthly invoice, Image Chauffeur Services may from time to time provide a Service Level Form for which the clients are asked to complete.  Any deviation from our agreed Terms and Conditions, on our behalf, must be notified here in order for us to take corrective procedures and maintain our high-level of service.
Vehicles: We reserve the right to change any vehicle booked with us with either an equivalent vehicle of the same type or superior. If an upgraded vehicle is provided no additional charges will be invoiced to the client.
A strict no smoking and no eating policy is applied to all Image vehicles.
The vehicle shall be maintained in a sound mechanical and structural condition at all times and be capable of satisfying an inspection at any time during the continuance of the vehicle's license in respect of the vehicle.
The interior and exterior of the vehicle shall be kept in a clean condition and well maintained and in every way fit and safe for public use.
The vehicle shall contain a maintained first-aid kit, including first-aid dressings and appliances.
The vehicle shall contain a maintained, efficient fire extinguisher containing dry powder with a capacity of not less than 1.0kg and manufactured to European Standard BS EN3; the fire extinguisher shall be carried in such a position as to be easily available for use.
The proprietor of the vehicle shall keep enforce in relation to the user of that vehicle a policy of insurance issued by an approved insurance company and comply with the requirements of Part VI of the Road Traffic Act 1972.
Only the names (or registered company names) addresses and telephone numbers of clientele shall be displayed on the vehicles. Illuminated signs shall not be displayed on the vehicle.
We do not accept responsibility for: Bodily injury or death or sickness to the signatory of the contract or any other person except where such death or injury is caused directly by a member of Image.
We are insured for passenger travel. This insurance is for public liability and not independent travel insurance.
We do not accept responsibility or liability for: Traffic congestion or accidents which may cause delay.
Whilst every effort is afforded to the serviceability of the vehicles, no responsibility can be accepted for mechanical, electrical or material breakdown howsoever caused. In this unlikely event every effort will be made for immediate repair to the vehicle so that the journey can continue, or the client would be transferred to another vehicle/s and any reasonable extra costs incurred will be borne by Image Chauffeurs or refund given.
Delays caused by inclement weather conditions.
Amenities supplied by third parties or any other party contracted on your behalf.
Any theft or damage to properties of the clientele or any other person travelling with the clientele, except where such damage is caused by a direct action of the employees of Image.
Any delays caused by strike action.
Acts of god or conflict of war or force majuer.
Note: In the event of any of the above conditions or any other breakdown and/or accident no responsibility will be accepted for missed connections and/or functions, however caused.
Image reserve the right to cancel or amend its terms of conditions at anytime. We are also happy to negotiate specific Terms and Conditions for Contract accounts.